You may (or may not) already be familiar with this from the blog that EA/The Sims promoted by Robin Burkinshaw aka roBurky called Alice and Kev…. a story of being homeless in the Sims3

This blog was inspired by the Alice and Kev blog, the only difference is that it will have multiple stories instead of just one. (one @ a time of coarse)

Currently there are 2 stories on the blog…..

This story will follow the life of Hashanna Coomalate and her family.
Let me 1st start off by saying that Hashanna has a some what questionable line of work. If you were to actually play the game it will list her as unemployed, but she is actually a “lady of the evening”…  she gets paid using cheat codes

This story is complete

The 2nd story is currently in progress and has chapters completed….

Story 2 – The Hollis Family

This story is about the Hollis sisters. Rania, Jayda, and Jerri. Rania is the oldest of the three and Jayda and Jerri are fraternal twins. This story will follow their lives as they learn how to deal with each other’s issues and over come their jealousy. Will they ever be ever to lead a drama free life?
Tune in every Monday Wednesday and Friday for new chapters

So in conclusion if you have any friends or family members that are fans of the sims or just looking for a good story to read, feel free to refer them to


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